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What I Do

Most of the day when i'm not playing with the little crew, these things are my alternate reality.

Web Development/SEO

Specializing in custom Wordpress development. For rapid website development and search engine visibility. On and Off - site SEO.

Responsive Design

With the ever increasing gadget technology and easy connectivity. Website accessibility on all platform is a must.

Web Maintenance/Security

Flowers can grow wild, but it's nicer to have someone nurturing. There are no 100% bulletproof website, 'cos you know, A Sith is always one step ahead from the Jedi!

Cloud Server Setup

If you think having a basic installation of Apache or Nginx on a Linux distribution is not enough to bring your website to it's utmost potential, i'll gladly help you. This code will help you get a 2 month free trial of Cloud VPS. Get it running in 15 minutes!

Me, Myself and Jeffry

Sometimes, it's hard to separate me from myself and Jeffry....

  • about me


    The Universal Being

    Me, The universal being. One grain of sand from The All, The Cosmos. My Family is Me. I love Me as much i love Myself.

  • about myself


    The Sophisticated Being

    Myself, The sophisticated being. The sensitive, and playful being. Not much to say about myself, but Trance and Classics really helps myself to cope with Jeffry most of the time.

  • about jeffry


    The 2.0 Generation Being

    Jeffry, looooves the world wide web. Loves to code, loves the social media, loves the technology, loves the coffee (together with classics/trance). Jeffry spent more than 10 Years of tears and joy in the world wide web world.


These are the few of the many works that I've done. If you find something similar to what you have in mind, You are on the right path!

Arista Latindo

Website Development


Website Development

Indonesia Design

Website Development

Piter Gan Architect

Website Development


Website Development


Website Development


Everyday Findings, gets updated once in a while. Checkout orangorangan.com

Education directory, social media and other information about it. Checkout Pinter.club (beta)

They Say

These generous people were talking behind my back.

Budianto Leoputra

Budianto Leoputra

JXL Design Co., Design Director

Jeffry is one hell of programmer, his outstanding performance showed in his consistency on delivering every project flawlessly.

Gowin Nugroho

Group Art Director, DestinAsian Media Group

Been working with Jefry, he’s awesome and funny (yet dry!)

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